Behind the Label

What we are seeking, is more than just providing beautiful clothes to you, in fact, we are expecting more: the happiness brought by the meticulous quality you can feel and the sense of becoming one with nature when you wear them.

All you can see is her fashionable appearance, while you won’t know the whole story she experienced. During the production process, she may be eliminated due to non-renewable materials, lack of precision, or just because of a small flaw inspected by quality control.

Our Brand story

MessBebe don’t chase fashion trends. We hope you can always find the right products for every occasion, no matter at home, office or party. Therefore, we focus on the classic design never goes out of style, and insist high-quality materials and the most advanced exquisite production process. Timeless pieces always pair well with accessories in other styles, so as to establish your own unique style.



Woolen Bloom

I still remember the soft and beautiful wool sweater on my mother which was the most precious embrace in my childhood.

Every time I was in her warm arms, I felt like the sunshine split on the my body, I could clearly felt the temperature of being pampered, the sense of unparalleled security.

Since then, I fell in love with Wool.

Woolen Bloom brings this nature gift to you through Wool. When you are wearing the Woolen Bloom clothes, you can feel its pure natural smell as well as the comfort and peace of the combination between the clothes and the nature.

Woolen Bloom only uses the wool from the Australian Merino sheep, which is unique in its inherent heat and warmth. Exquisite craftsmanship and innovative knitting technology make full use of the inherent drape of the material, which makes each clothes soft, warm and comfortable.

In order to meet the consumers’ changing needs. Woolen Bloom constantly apply new materials and technologies, such as renewable fibers who highlights the wool's characteristics of classic, tradition, and rustic, as well as makes clothes stable and easy to handle.

Woolen Bloom is never been bound by fashion. Set giving customers the most real feeling as our original intention, Woolen Bloom use classic cutting, soft color matching and elegant design to create every cloth which is worthy to be treasured in your wardrobe.

Woolen Bloom is lauded for its wool production standards, eco-fashion style and sustainable materials. In addition, we become a gold partner for several global fashion brands. In the future, we will insist on practicing environmental protection, refusing waste, stick to recycling to regenerate fashion.


Fashion is like a magic box, while you always know the password.You can always easily eliminate the embarrassment with your little black dress.

Even in an official occasion, you can be full of vigor suddenly by your favourite.

When you suddenly received Mr. right’s  invitation, you know that the beautiful dress will never let you down.

When you take off your day's exhaustion and put on a comfortable wool cardigan, you always regain strength.

Every piece of clothing you have shows your unique fashion style. No matter how the fashion changes, you can always get your own style.

Same as you, MessBebe always can grasp the changes and trends in the unpredictable and ups and downs of the fashion trend, makes appropriate changes and create classic products which full of glamorous styles.

MessBebe has its own pursuit and it will not sacrifice the comfort because of the trend, will not lower the high standard of materials due to rapid renovation, and will not lower the environmental requirements due to the brilliant colors.

Filling up your wardrobe with MessBebe's timeless classics clothes, and you'll be able to draw more inspiration and creativity from them. We sure you'll be more comfortable to wear and portray your unique style.

Our Factory

Linyi, founded in 2005, specializes in women’s clothing design and manufacture. The company headquarters is located in Shenzhen,one of the three national financial centers in China,MessBebe and Woolen Bloom are both women's clothing brands under Lingyi.  Located in Shanghai, the first economic center in China who offers us a strong resource advantage, it is a highly modernized and ethical company. Our factory covers an area of 26,000 square meters and has more than 2,000 experienced and skillful employees.

All products are produced by high standards. To ensure every product up to EU Standard, we built our own independent laboratories and import full sets of Italian machine. We already achieved the leading technology, from the fabric to the integrated manufacturing of garments. In addition, we applied the 3D printing technology to perfect the three-dimensional effect of products.

soft, eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics

Sustainable Materials

During each part of clothing production, we try our best to find and select best raw material which is safe and innocuous for nature, workers and consumers. For instance, certified organic cotton, RWS(Responsible Wool Standard) certified wool, Grade-A cashmere, and other sustainable materials certified to GRS(Textile and Apparel Global Recycling Standard). The one piece sweaters series is applied seamless-knitting technology which minimizes waste and increases comfort and fastness.

LingYi is committed to sustainable production, made outstanding efforts in resource efficiency and environmental protection in many projects including water protection project, solar roof projects, steam recovery and etc, We are awarded the STWI certificate, invited to be a member of BCI and HIGG Association, and will still make efforts to construct a recyclable fashion economy.