Thanks for buying from our site.

We offered some welfare for you. We will randomly choose some customers who give our website Five-Star praise from Facebook Questionnaire to get a FREE order. And the rest customers who give our website Five-Star praise from Facebook Questionnaire will get US$30 to your PayPal account.

What is the Facebook Questionnaire?

It is sent by Facebook to the customers which buy from our FB Ads. And it is random and depends on Facebook to send to you or not.

If I meet the Facebook Questionnaire, what should I do?

Following is the step:

  1. Please take a screenshot of the questions which Facebook ask you to answer when you meet the Feedback/Questionnaire.
  2. Give the all the Feedback/ Questionnaire five-star praise and take a screenshot.
  3. Send those screenshots and your order number to
  4. The information you provide must be valid. If not, we will not provide any remuneration.

How can I get the free order?

We will pick some lucky customers from which offered us Five-Star praise from Facebook Questionnaire. And if you done that and offered the valid information to us, you have the chance to get the free order. But please notice, if you get the free order, you cannot get the $30 together.

We would be grateful if you give five-star praise to our website. Your rating helps us and the community that supports us, and it only takes a few minutes. Thanks for your cooperation and if you have any question, please contact us at

Tips: We may divide your order into separate packages in order to accelerate the shipment. But as for the limit of shipping system, we only can email the first tracking information to you. If you don't receive the complete order or have the problem with your received items, please contact our customer service. We’re ready and happy to help you solve any problem.